Rental and management services for picture cars ready to roll


No matter your needs, technical, aesthetic or mechanic, Action Picture Car prepares all their vehicles with great attention to meet your shooting requirements.


Our experienced coordinators are taking charge of all our vehicles on the film set from beginning to end of your project.

They have extensive (vast) knowledge and all the equipment required to provide for all eventualities.

For continuity purposes they analyze the scenario and other production documents, coordinate schedules and the vehicles availabilities.

Camera car

We can offer you a Camera Car for your more complex driving scenes.


Action Picture Car also provides a customization service. We can adapt vehicules for your scenario in any way imaginable.

Emergency vehicles, accurate license plates, patina, beacons, tag, lettering, vinyl wrapping, logo printing and installation, etc.


We own trucks equipped for towing and adapted for any kind of transportation of vehicles.
We offer door to door transport for our supplier and productions at a competitive price.

Specialized driving and figurant driver

Your shooting demand specific maneuvers?

We have experienced specialized drivers who can participate as extras for fast and efficient resets and for successful action scenes.

Additional services

We also offer our moving services for caravan, towing, boost batteries, mechanic, door unlocking and VIP chauffeur.